He Can Pull Off Any Look! Brad Pitt Once Rocked Very Long Hair And We Don't Know Which Way We Like Him Best

November 8, 2019 09:16

Brad Pitt has changed more looks in his lifetime than some women shoes. He's had beards, shaved head, long hair, but has always managed to remain one of the sexiest men of all time. Let's take a walk down the memory lane!

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Remember Brad Pitt's long hair?

When we think of long-haired Brad Pitt, first thing that comes to mind is his look in the mid-90's around the time he filmed Interview with the Vampire. We have to say, he looked incredibly sweet there.

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The biggest flop of Pitt's occasional hairy phase was 2002, when the actor was growing out his hair for Troy and also let his beard turn into an untamed garden on his face. Yikes!

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Fortunately, Brad didn't stay in his hippy phase long quickly snapped back to his usual gorgeous self and fr a while enjoyed a clean look. It wasn't until 2013 that Pitt really let his hair reach its full potential, just look at it!

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He definitely took proper care of his locks at that time, they look silky smooth. No wonder Angie couldn't take her eyes off him!

Which Brad do you like more?

Long hair or not, Brad Pitt is always number one in our books, but we kinda think he looks better with short hair.

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