She Slays! Rita Moreno Shows Off Her Ageless Beauty In Tight Scarlet Dress At Critics' Choice Awards

January 13, 2020

If you look at Rita Moreno’s recent pictures, you’d be surprised to know that the veteran actress hit 88. She is an exceptional beauty and was even named a style icon two years ago for re-wearing a dress she donned to the 1962 Academy Awards.

It’s hard to believe in it but at 86, Rita managed to fit into a gown she wore when she was 31! With a number of Tony, Emmy, Grammy and Oscar awards, Moreno proved her acting talent but now she is also boasting her age-defying beauty.

Rita Moreno’s latest images

Nobody can pull off a tight red dress like Rita Moreno. At 88, the West Side Story star parades awe-worthy figure and a heart-stealing smile, making us wonder if she has been lying about her age and is secretly 40.

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This month, Moreno appeared at the Critics' Choice Awards where she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her incredible performance in a comedy show One Day at a Time.

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Even though she didn’t win the prize, she won something else – public admiration. Moreno dazzled in front of the paparazzi in a long scarlet dress which showed off the actress’ gorgeous body.

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She teamed up her gown with matching shoes and a white and red embroidered jacket. To add some extra dazzle, Rita put on a pair of massive crimson earrings.

Rita’s secrets

In one of her interviews, Moreno shared her most important value in life. She revealed:

Just sticking it out. Just persevering, persevering, persevering. That’s not easy and I’m very proud of that.

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This is what helped her career to blossom. But what about her beauty? Here are Moreno’s top secrets:

  • she sticks to ‘bare minimum’ when it comes to skincare;
  • she uses SPF;
  • she admits that good genes are a part of a ‘good skin’ package;
  • she exercises her brain.

It’s evident that Rita’s beauty comes not only from her skincare regime or her genes but from the inside as well. She rarely appears in public without an ear-to-ear smile on her pretty face and always seems in good spirits. Perhaps this is where Moreno’s main secret lies: just trying to be positive and accept life with all its ups and downs. We have a lot to learn from her!