Melania Trump Returns To A Favorite Sleek Black Look As She Hosts The Governors' Ball

February 10, 2020

Melania Trump's fashion choices have often been a topic of conversation among millions of people? The key to most of her look is timelessness and she proved that recently.

A First Lady's look

Over the years, the role of the First Lady hasn't gone unnoticed. But one of the biggest things people often focus on is their outfits.

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Vogue pointed out that a First Lady's fashion choices can say a lot. They may choose to pass a message through their clothes by supporting designers of countries they're visiting or observing certain cultural rules. Basically, what they were, where they were it to and how they choose to wear it can make a statement.

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Melania Trump, in particular, has brought attention to her outfits for a bunch of different reasons. One thing that fashionistas have come to love about her is her ability to wear all kinds of styles. She embraces colors, dresses, power suits, coats, and even some out-there trends.

FLOTUS in Black

One of Melania Trump's go-to styles has always been a black dress. She has been spotted several times in this look and she accessorizes them wonderfully.

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In December 2019, for example, the First Lady rocked this figure-hugging sleeveless dress as she and her husband headed for the Family Church Downtown Christmas service.

The lovely dress featured a fun silver design on the neckline which added some sparkle to the whole look.

While hosting the Governors' Ball on February 9, Melania went for a very similar outfit.

She stood by her husband, President Trump, wearing a sleeveless black dress with silver design on the neckline. However, upon close inspection, you can see that this wasn't the same outfit she wore before. But based on the similar design, and the fact that she wore this twice in two months, it's a safe bet that this is a favorite look of hers.

Accessorizing the LBD

The little black dress is a wardrobe staple for many women. But one might worry about looking too dull in it. The good news is that women like Melania continue to offer inspirations and tips for wearing this look like a pro.

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  • Bright and colorful jewelry: Just because your dress is toned-down doesn't mean everything else in your outfit needs to be. You can opt for bright jewelry to add a pop of color. Or as Melania did, choose an LBD that comes with a hint of sparkle.
  • Your shoes: A pair of nude pumps is a great way to glam up any look, especially when it comes to a black dress.
  • Scarves, sweaters, and jackets: Through one over your black dress and transform it from lowkey to fabulous.

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We can all learn a lot from how Melania Trump chooses her outfits. If elegance and class are your fashion goals, then the First Lady should be an inspiration for you. Like many of us, she has a go-to favorite but she also isn't afraid to break the mold sometimes. This is what being a fashionable woman is all about. Having a signature look is great, but don't forget to sparkle every once in a while.

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