Adele 2020: The British Singer Wows Internet Again With Her Seducing Figure In A Black Mini Dress In Anguilla

January 8, 2020

In 2019, Adele surprised each and every person with her fantastic weight loss transformation. Shortly after divorcing from her husband, the British singer showcased her toned figure, sparkling mixed feelings.

The mother-of-one reportedly follows the Sirtfood diet and keeps her regular work-out routine. A source revealed, though, that Adele does fitness and a healthy lifestyle not only for losing weight but also for the sake of her son, Angelo.

Adele now

Adele welcomed 2020 with an even better look — the 31-year-old's weight is literally 'melting' as she looks even skinnier now.

The 15-time Grammy winner reportedly had a vacation with her best friends, James Corden and Harry Styles, on the Caribbean island, namely in Anguilla.

Adele was in high spirits and all smiles, wearing a black mini dress and a red bandana around her neck, revealing her hot body. It seems to us like the Hello hitmaker goes on undergoing weight loss transformation, as she looks slimmer and slimmer with every portion of snaps. Have you noticed it?

The majority of people loved her new look


God bless!!! You are so beautiful!!!😍😍😍


My guess is it was the ‘divorce diet’. Happens to the best of us during a divorce!!


Adele was beautiful before and shes still beautiful now ❤️


You look amazing Adele♥️

What to know about Adele's Sirtfood diet

  • It is more of an anti-aging express program.
  • It focuses on sirtuins — cells, or proteins that specialize in metabolism and cellular wellbeing.
  • The diet allows such foods as coffee, dark chocolate, and even red wine.
  • During the first three days, people have to take 1,000 calories of sirtfood; the following four days — 1,500; the rest is allowed as much as wanted.
  • Sirtfood meals are matcha, extra-virgin olive oil, kale, arugula, nuts, blueberry, etc.

Indeed, the Someone Like You hitmaker continues to impress people from all over the world. Adele's latest appearance has proved she's totally determined to make her life better, healthier, and brighter than before. We also think she's an inspiration for everyone who has ever wanted to start a new diet or about to give up and needs some motivation. Adele is here to support you virtually!

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