Matthew Perry Looks Completely Unrecognizable In Untidy Clothes Cozying Up With A Mystery Young Lady In LA

November 7, 2019 14:52

Hundreds of people loved the Friends star Matthew Perry in the late 90s. Recalling moments from the sitcom, we can confidently say Chandler Bing was our favorite character with his true loyalty to each friend, sarcastic jokes, and genuine love for Monica Geller.

What happened to much-loved Matthew Perry during and after the TV show? Why did he become 'disheveled' and 'chaotic' most of the time?

Matthew Perry news

The Hollywood actor was spotted with a mysterious young woman in Los Angeles on November 4. The rare pictures featured him somewhat disheveled and untidy, and some people find Matthew Perry looking unrecognizable.

On the photos, the 50-year-old is seen in dark pants, a white v-neck, and an oversized unbuttoned plaid shirt cozying up and smiling with a mystery lady.

Perry's fans got worried about him and sent him best wishes


I hope he didn’t relapse and this is just a movie scene🙏


He looks so sad. Poor guy. All the money in the world and still sad


That doesn’t really look like him!🤔🤔


Poor guy 😕 Hope he gets better

Matthew Perry's addiction

In case you got confused over why people wrote about 'relapse', it's because the Friends alum suffered from severe substance and alcohol abuse during and after the sitcom.

Perry has a history of stints in rehab in 1997 and 2001. He even said he didn't remember filming season 3 and 6 of Friends, as he was "a little out of it."

Matthew Perry's addiction hit rock bottom in 2001 when he almost died from an alcohol overdose. Spending 2.5 months in rehab, he learned that "a happy life is possible without alcohol or drugs."