Quite An Unusual Outfit: Ivanka Trump Turns Heads In Elaborately-Designed $2380 Trench Coat With A Unique Flair

November 6, 2019 15:04

Ivanka Trump's outfits usually receive loads of compliments. Considering her job as a senior adviser to the US President, she sure needs to dress the part.

Ivana took a trip to Morocco recently in order to promote her women’s economic development program. According to APNews, this trip is part of her efforts to promote the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative which was launched in February. The goal is to reach women in developing countries to help them become a part of the movement.

Clearly, that this is one event that Ivanka takes seriously as the trip to Morocco is her third overseas journey this year aimed at promoting the initiative.

Ivanka Trump's trench coat look

President Trump's daughter was spotted at the Dulles International Airport as she prepared to take her flight to Morocco for the event.

For this trip, Ivanka went for an outfit that was a little unusual. While trench coats are usually known to be simply designed, this one worn by the First Daughter was quite different.

She sported a trendy Gabriela Hearst Armonia coat that was double-breasted and wool-blended. The coat alone took the spotlight with the top design and color completely different from the bottom. And a burgundy turtleneck which she wore underneath was also visible in the neck area. The coat reportedly retails for $2380.

She completed her look with a pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps which cost $645.

Ivanka's overall look was quite the head-turner and it's almost impossible to see her walk by without taking a look at the unique combo.

Compliments for Ivanka Trump's dressing

Fans and followers of the gorgeous lady couldn't hold back their compliments for this coat.




So beautiful.


Ivanka looks super cool!


Looking amazing.


Beautiful Stunning Styles WOW it’s Unique in the Beautiful Colors Of her Coat.

Apart from Ivanka's official role in the Trump administration, she has also become a fashion inspiration overall. Her outfits almost always give fashionistas reason to be in awe of her and they constantly await her next appearance. This coat sure is impressive.

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