Ivanka Trump Slammed On Social Media For "Parading Around Morocco Like A Queen" In A Golden Dress

November 13, 2019 18:04

Where is Ivanka Trump today? That's the question on people's lips as they wonder what the President's daughter has been up to lately.

Ivanka Trump is currently in Morocco promoting her women's economic development program.

This will be the First Daughter's third overseas trip to promote her initiative which was launched in February. The program was founded in order to benefit women in developing countries and help them advance economically.

Ivanka Trump's controversial dress

Upon her arrival, Donald Trump's daughter was welcomed by Princess Lalla Meryem and Morocco's foreign minister, both of whom met her at the airport.

Ivanka has shared several updates on her trip so that fans can keep up with her. However, she rubbed people off the wrong way when she was pictured in a golden dress for her dinner with Her Royal Highness Princess Meryem.

The golden dress left plenty to the imagination as it completely covered her arms and legs, leaving only her neck and face exposed. It looked quite elaborate and elegant, giving her a royal effect.

Internet criticism

Many people felt like her dressing and behavior in Morocco were inappropriate.

@lovelifetodaypl blasted Ivanka on Twitter, saying:

She is parading around Morocco like a Queen spending your money.

@NotHoneyWest expressed a similar feeling.

Grifter putting on airs. She portrays herself as a golden princess. In reality, every thread she wears and the space she occupies are ill-gotten.

Others also shared their disapproval of the golden dress.

The Trump administration, including the President's family, has often come under criticism due to their actions. One can easily see why people felt Ivanka Trump was spending taxpayers' money inappropriately but it's possible that her outfit was just her way of blending in with the occasion.

Do you think she was pretending to be royalty at the event?

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