Just Wow! Adele Showed Off Impressive Three Stone Weight Loss In The Christmas Photos With Santa And Grinch

December 25, 2019 11:02

Adele showed off a stunning weight loss in the recent Christmas photos. Fans could hardly recognize the singer after transformation.

Adele’s body transformation

As one of the most recognized and eminent singers of our time, Adele got used to being in the public eyes. The star’s weight loss is probably one of the most discussed topics among her fans:

  • Adele has always had perfect curves and proudly displayed her figure in public.
  • After giving birth to a child, Adele got some extra pounds like most of the women did. The singer welcomed a baby boy in 2012.
  • In one of her interviews, the singer commented on her attitude towards weight loss:

My body is mine. But sometimes I’m curious to know if I would have been as successful if I wasn’t plus-size. I think I remind everyone of themselves.

Adele’s weight loss

Recently, Adele shared a series of Christmas photos on her Instagram. In one picture, the star poses with the symbol of the holiday, Santa Claus.

The second photo features Adele with the Christmas stealer, Grinch.

The singer looks majestic in a jaw-dropping long dress with deep decollete. Fans couldn’t help gushing about Adele’s gown. They also noticed that the star lost some good weight.

Fans’ comments

@ qotsasbitch

Wow you look like a different person 😍

@ will_decamp

This body! Queen, go off!

@ breatheheavycom

Skinny legend!

@ wtfkymia

Girl you are SKINTY

@ cherylholequ

You look incredible Diva! ❤️

Adele, indeed, looks breathtaking in the new photos. But it’s not her figure, which makes fans love and admire the singer, but her incredible talent and gorgeous voice. We hope the star will have the best Christmas celebration this year. Happy holidays!