Céline Dion Makes A Stylish Statement In A Fuzzy Sky Blue Skirt, A Matching Coat, And Teal Heeled Boots In Manhattan, NYC

November 15, 2019

Céline Dion has always been in the center of attention, thanks to her extraordinary style. The mother-of-three has never stopped shining in the unique fashion choices throughout her lifespan.

The Canadian singer makes sure to follow trends, making them even much better with something incredible. For instance, teal color and shades are prevalent now, and Dion didn't miss a chance to dress herself up in an all-bright number. See below!

Céline Dion 2019

The widow has always been amazing, but Céline Dion is now a queen. The 51-year-old made a stylish appearance to greet fans in Manhattan, NYC. We must warn you to wear glasses, as she might blind you with her bright attire.

The Canadian star stunned in a fuzzy sky blue maxi skirt with a matching coat, teaming it up with teal stockings, and a pair of teal leather stiletto boot, which we strongly crave right now!

The My Heart Will Go On hitmaker rounded out a sky blue fuzzy bag across her chest, massive shades. She also showcased her gorgeous earrings thanks to her pristine bob.

Dion's fans adored her number




A legend!


Killing it 🔥🔥🔥


My favorite color

Holly Molly! How can somebody look so stylish? We even don't know what to say, but Céline Dion is indeed a fashion queen!