Pink Makes Rare Public Appearance With Husband And 2 Kids At People Choice Awards And Her Daughter Steals The Show

November 11, 2019 17:32

Pink is known to be a devoted mom of two and an amazing wife. So, it’s no surprise she decided to make the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards a family affair.

Pink’s children

The award-winning singer is married to former BMX biker and motocross racer Carey Hart. They have two children, daughter, Willow Sage and son, Jameson. The pair who met at the Summer X games got married back in 2006.

Pink has always been vocal about her parenting style. A few months ago, the mother of two announced she was no longer going to post pictures of her kids online. This came after Pink was mom shamed for sharing a picture of her children playing with a pelican.

Pink’s outfit

On Sunday, the pop star attended the event with her daughter, son, and husband, Carey.

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The mom of two was who received the award for The People’s Champion hit the red carpet in a black suit with a pink blouse. Her husband and son also looked dapper in black suits.

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However, it was her daughter who stole the show. Pink’s daughter, Willow looked adorable in a red dress with pink highlights.

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The 8-year-old accessorized her cute outfit with a unicorn piece around her neck. While on the red carpet, the singer opened up about taking a break from touring. She said:

It’s time to do something else for a minute.

Fans loved her cute style


Beautiful family


She has GORGEOUS kids!! ❤️


OMG! Her kids are gorgeous!!!💖💖


Willow looks like Charlize Theron!


Pink is amazing!! Love seeing her with her beautiful family . I had no idea she did all that humanitarian work. Doesn’t surprise me tho ❤️❤️❤️


The kids are adorable.


❤️Beautiful family a beautiful person inside and out you inspire me sooooo much one person can make a change even if it's small ❤️❤️


Willow is everything!!🔥🔥


Can her kids be any cuter! ❤️


Please tell your daughter she is a very beautiful young woman and not to let people try to make her think otherwise!! 💗

Pink‘s little daughter has already started copying her famous mother. She may only be 8, but we’ve no doubt that Willow will be taking over the world soon.

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