"She Never Blinked An Eye." Julia Roberts Gushes About Sister Lisa's Incredible Act Of Kindness From When They Were Teenagers

November 7, 2019 10:39

Julia Roberts' sister Lisa must be touched right about now as the famous actress has shared a few sweet words about her sibling's kindness.

Julia was born two years after Lisa Roberts Gillan. Like Julia, Lisa is also in the entertainment industry as an actress and a producer. She's known for her work in such films as Eat Pray Love and Maid in Manhattan.

While Julia and Lisa's bond has been there since they were young, one turning point many years ago remains unforgettable.

Julia Roberts praises her sister

At only 17 years old, Julia Roberts made the lifechanging decision to leave her family home in Georgia and move to New York in pursuit of a different path of life. At the time, Lisa was already in the city and despite being only 19, she opened her heart and her home when Julia said she wanted to move in with her.

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While sharing her story on People recently, Julia Roberts wrote a sweet message of appreciation to her sister. She was grateful to Lisa for choosing to be so selfless when she was only a teenager herself.

I think of my sister Lisa often when I think of kindness, but specifically something she did when we were both teenagers.

Julia recognized that many people of Lisa's age at the time would not do what she did as teenagers have been known to be "historically edgy" and "self-centered."

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However, Lisa didn't hesitate when Julia asked for her help after graduating from high school.

When I asked to move in with her just days after I graduated (mainly because I missed her!) she never blinked an eye or asked for the outline of time or ideas before saying yes.

Julia wrote that she didn't even recognize the depth of Lisa's kindness at the time but somehow, her big sister's show of love has motivated her over the years and inspired in her a sense of compassion for others.

The Pretty Woman star revealed that she and Lisa shared several different apartments "all over New York City" for many years but now they are grown and living in separate apartments, albeit in the same building.

If my teenage self never said it clearly, Thank you, Sister, for your endless kindness for me then and always.

Julia Roberts on working with her sister Lisa Roberts Gillan

While speaking to EW in 2012, Julia talked about what it was like to work on Jesus Henry Christ with Lisa. In her usual good-humored nature, Julia said:

[My sister] does all the work and I get the credit.

It's always nice to see siblings looking so close and connected with each other. Both Julia and Lisa have come a long way in their respective lives and careers and it's so fantastic that through it all, they remain one family unit.

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