Helen Mirren Was Hilariously Mistaken For Keanu Reeves' Girlfriend But The Actress Thinks It Was "Flattering"

November 8, 2019 11:28

Many people are interested in learning who Keanu Reeves' girlfriend is. But is it Helen Mirren? Some fans seemed to think so.

A few days ago, rumors began flying that Keanu Reeves was dating actress Helen Mirren after the actor was spotted on the red carpet holding hands with artist Alexandra Grant.

Thanks to Alexandra's gray hair and the similar features she shares with Helen, people quickly assumed it was 74-year-old Helen Mirren holding hands with Keanu. Many social media users shared their confusion.

Helen Mirren is flattered to be mistaken for Keanu Reeves' girlfriend

It's quite interesting that 46-year-old Alexandra Grant with her natural, silver hair and bangs down, could resemble a famous woman nearly thirty years older.

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While at the premiere of her new movie The Good Liar, Helen spoke to ETOnline about the mix-up.

She admitted that she saw how Twitter went wild over the possibility of her dating Keanu and admitted she didn't mind being mistaken for Alexandra.

That was very flattering on me, you know, because she's obviously lovely.

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In conclusion, no, Helen and Keanu aren't dating. In fact, the actress has been married to director Taylor Hackford for about 22 years. But she had sweet things to say about Keanu.

I do know Keanu very well. He did a film with my husband and he is just the most adorable, lovely person. So she's a lucky girl and I'm sure that he's a lucky boy.

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Who is Alexandra Grant

Alexandra is a successful artist who has been friends with the actor for many years. The pair worked together on Reeves’ book Ode to Happiness and also co-created another book together titled Shadows where Alexandra was named as the illustrator.

She is a talented and philanthropic woman who gives back to charity.

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So, while Helen Mirren isn't Keanu Reeves' girlfriend, Alexandra Grant sure is worthy of that title. She has been in the actor's life for a while now and they obviously work well together. Fans hope this is the beginning of a great love story for the two of them.

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