"She's Always Got The Handcuffs On": Donald Trump "Can't Believe" Jane Fonda's Getting Arrested At Climate Change Protests

November 8, 2019 12:58

Jane Fonda's arrests continue to happen due to her climate change protests. The iconic actress and environmentalist activist confessed she moved to Washington, D.C. for four months to raise awareness about the overwhelming challenges on the Earth.

The Oscar-winning celebrity calls such protests "Fire Drill Fridays." Jane Fonda has been arrested four times by now, as she wants to get arrested every single Friday — all to address the climate crisis.

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Jane Fonda & Donald Trump

Jane Fonda's climate protests are inspired by young generations that try to raise awareness about Earth's devastation. Donald Trump spoke at a rally Wednesday in Louisiana and mocked the 81-year-old's string of protests near the Capitol Building.

During the rally, POTUS began discussing climate change advocates when he went off on the legendary star.

They arrested Jane Fonda, nothing changes. I remember 30, 40 years ago they arrested her. She's always got the handcuffs on, oh man. She's waving to everybody with the handcuffs. I can't believe it.

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The US President went on to recall Fonda's 1972 visit to North Vietnam, during which she earned the nickname 'Hanoi Jane'.

Remember that? She went to Vietnam to find out how nice they were. They weren't too nice to her, by the way. No, they arrested her today. Jane Fonda, nothing changes. They arrest… every 25 years they arrest her.

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Climate crisis

Talking with Don Lemon at CNN Tonight a couple of days ago, the political activist said the sooner Trump leaves the office, the better it's for the environment.

The Klute star said she isn't ashamed of raising awareness about climate changes in such protests:

We have to be out there. We have to be risking arrest. We have to engage in civil disobedience because we have very little time, and what has to happen is so huge.

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Jane Fonda has always been advocating for the climate crisis. It seems like she's crossed every limit of her anger toward the world and population and is now getting arrested every time, feeling proud of her actions.

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