Fans Are Saying Last Goodbye To Legendary Actor & Screenwriter Buck Henry Who Passed At 89

January 10, 2020

You rarely meet a person with multiple talents these days. Buck Henry was that person. He was good at literary everything he turned his attention to:

  • writing;
  • acting;
  • directing;
  • editing.

But, sadly, he won’t surprise us with yet another genius creation of his mind.

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Buck Henry was a star in his own right

Buck Henry got to experience a lot of things in his life, including war. For a short time, he was one of the attendees at Harvard Military Academy but his love of acting took him on a different path and Henry cut short his education and started performing on Broadway.

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However, his career came to an abrupt stop when Buck was sent to serve during the Korean War. Luckily, he survived and after his return, he played in an improvisational troupe called the Premise before moving to Hollywood.

There he found success after co-hosting Saturday Night Live and writing for The Garry Moore Show and Get Smart, which helped him to win an Emmy award. He also received two Oscar nominations for The Graduate as a screenwriter and director.

But he won’t shine again

Buck Henry is not with us anymore! The legendary actor and screenwriter passed away from a heart attack in L.A’s hospital. He turned 89 in December last year.

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The devastating news was confirmed by a family member to Deadline. Henry’s wife, Irene, was by his side when he left this world. The couple was married for a long time but didn’t have any children.

Fans send their tributes

Nonetheless, for many, he will always stay ‘a terrifying practical joker’, as The New York Times once called him, whose talent will be studied at schools and whose work will serve as an inspiration for the younger generation. We will never forget you, Buck Henry!

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