"I Was Pissing Myself": Elton John Confessed He Had Worn A Diaper Under His Outfit During 2017 Concert

December 3, 2019 13:05

A while ago, Elton John confessed he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017. In a new memoir Me, the British pop singer revealed all the details, writing how much he was afraid of dying and not seeing his sons grow up appropriately.

Elton John's cancer was successfully treated, though he suffered from severe infection later that time, and had to stay around eleven days in the hospital in the UK. There are more details, though!

Elton John's health

In the BBC One's Elton John: Uncensored, the father-of-two opened up the cards — he wore a diaper during one of his concerts back in 2017.

Elton John underwent surgery for prostate cancer three years ago and quickly returned to the stage. To perform normally shortly after the surgery, he had to wear a diaper onstage under his clothes, as his bladder control had been affected.

Referring to the audience members, the 72-year-old said:

If only they knew at that moment, I was pissing myself.

People's opinions

That was something essential for Elton John, so it's kind of okay. The most important is that he did not let his fans down and performed anyway.

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