"Holy Smokes!": Women Are Losing Their Control Over New Heartthrob Barron Trump After His Latest Appearance

November 27, 2019 15:09

We've gotten a new heartthrob here, though we did not expect it to be Donald and Melania Trump's 13-year-old son! Barron Trump's latest appearance surprised everybody, as the teen boy is all grown-up, tall, and handsome.

It is just hard for us to believe how the 13-year-old can look like a real young man, towering his father, who is 6ft 2. Moreover, Barron's appearance has seemingly changed, as he got rid of boyish facial features!

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On Nov. 26, Donald and Melania Trump, together with their son Barron, were seen on their way to a Florida family house Mar-a-Lago for the Thanksgiving celebration. Barron Trump's height has drawn much women's attention, and Melania now needs to keep an eye on him.

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See these comments of both young and not-so-much ladies!


What a handsome young man💙 God bless him💗


Holy smokes, when did Barron get so tall


Wow! Baron has really shot up! What a nice-looking young man.


What a good looking young man!


Wow Baron is growing like a weed. Cute!!! 😍 🇺🇸

Melania and Donald Trump's parenting

Although Barron Trump is now drawing women's attention due to his new appearance, he seems to be unbothered and unfazed. The teen boy doesn't have social media, and he looks like a well-brought-up child.

It's not arguable that the presidential couple are doting parents to their only son. Melania is very protective of Barron, trying to keep him out of the spotlight, whereas Donald lets the kid be himself in the public eye.

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We can't agree more! Barron Trump is such a grown-up, and we are afraid of imagining how he will look like when he's in his 20s and 30s.

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