Leonardo DiCaprio Saved A Man From Drowning While Vacationing On His Yacht In Caribbean

January 9, 2020 15:15

Leonardo DiCaprio spent Christmas holidays on a yacht in Caribbean, but it wasn't as peaceful as you might think.

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How did Leo celebrate holidays?

The 45-year-old Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star took his girlfriend Camila Morrone, some of his friends, and went to St. Barts in Caribbean to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve on his yacht.

We can't imagine a more amazing way to spend vacation, but Leo's idyllic rest was interrupted by an unforeseen incident.

Leonardo DiCaprio saves a man from drowning

As Leo and his friends were enjoying their time near St. Barts on December 30, their captain received an emergency search call for a man who was navigating his boat but was too drunk and fell overboard.

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Since DiCaprio is experienced in survival techniques after The Revenant, he decided to step up and went to look for the man with his captain.

According to PEOPLE, the man had been in the water for 11 hours before being rescued by the movie star. A source close to DiCaprio told the publication:

Leo and his friends and their boat captain decided to join the search and their efforts resulted in helping save a man’s life.

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We can all learn from Leonardo's example, but what are you supposed to do if you need to save a person from drowning? Here are the most essential steps:

  • Call 911;
  • Get the person out of the water;
  • Check the pulse or if they're breathing;
  • While waiting for help start CPR.

DiCaprio once almost drowned himself

Even heroes need help sometimes. Leonardo DiCaprio once almost drowned while scuba diving with fellow actor Edward Norton.

Norton told the story on The Jonathan Ross Show and explained that he was quite an experienced diver and figured out Leo was in need of saving as he would run out of air at one point:

I saw him charging off with this camera that he had and I have been diving since I was 16 years old. I reflectively looked at my watch and was like: 'We're very close to the end.' I saw him going off and down and I knew that wasn't a good thing so I followed him because I thought to myself, he's chasing these things, he's going to run out of air - and he did.

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Luckily, Edward quickly knew what to do and got DiCaprio to safety. We can't imagine what would've happened if it wasn't for him!

Perhaps this experienced made Leo more brave and drives him when it comes to saving people. Good thing both of these stories have a happy ending.

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