Beloved Fans Pay Tributes As Cancer Survivor Model Mama Cax Passed Away At 30

December 23, 2019 13:07

News of Mama Cax's death came as a surprise to several of her fans. The beautiful model garnered fame for her efforts as an activist after battling such conditions as lung cancer and osteosarcoma.

When she was 14 years old, she was given only three weeks to live but she survived against the odds. However, her right leg had to be amputated following an unsuccessful hip replacement.

In an article she wrote for Glamour in 2017, she revealed that she had to get a prosthetic after losing her leg and she was depressed about it for a long time. She didn't feel confident in herself which caused her to hide the prosthetic as much as she could.

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As time went on, her confidence grew. Not only did she accept herself, but she also celebrated her beauty and her uniqueness. According to her website, she decided to take advantage of social media to talk about the matters that were important to her including disability, body positivity and self-image acceptance.

Her passion for these topics brought her fame and she went on to be featured in major magazines like Cosmopolitan, ASOS, TeenVogue, and Refinery29.

Mama Cax's death

According to TheGuardian, the Haitian-American model passed away following health problems. She opened up recently about discovering blood clots in some parts of her body. In a statement, her family revealed that Mama Cax passed away on December 16 after fighting the illness for a week.

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Via an Instagram post, the family explained that Cax faced these recent health problems squarely just as she did her previous battles and she was brave until the very end.

It wasn't just fans who were sad about her death. Singer, Rihanna, paid a tribute to Cax via Twitter, writing;

A queen. A force. A powerhouse beauty that brought her strength to the @savagexfenty stage this year inspiring so many across the globe. Rest In Power sis.

More tributes for Mama Cax

Many other people shared words of condolence and heartbreak in the wake of Cax's death.

They praised her spirit and celebrated her achievements.

Mama Cax really went through a lot of challenges but she never let them slow her down or cause her to hide away. She inspired the world with her story, her words of encouragement, and her courage. She was a bright light and a symbol of self-love. She will most certainly be missed.