Avril Lavigne And Her Billionaire Boyfriend Phillip Sarofim Broke Up After One Year Of Dating, Reports Say

November 28, 2019 14:25

In May last year, the news broke that Avril Lavigne was reportedly dating a new man. The Complicated singer chose no one else than the son of Texan billionaire, who was named the 372nd richest person in America in 2015.

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Avril Lavigne’s new boyfriend Philip Sarofim is an heir to the energy infrastructure company Kinder Morgan. The couple met at a dinner party organized by mutual friends and ‘hit it off’ pretty quickly. However, it seems that their romance wasn’t meant to last.

Avril Lavigne and Phillip Sarofim are no longer together

Avril Lavigne and Phillip Sarofim are not an item anymore. According to Us Weekly, the pair decided to end their love story after just one year of dating.

The singer started her relationship with Saforim soon after breaking up with music producer J.R. Rotem at the end of 2017. The last time we saw Avril and Phillip together was in June but then the two suddenly stopped appearing together.

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What Avril Lavigne is doing now? We don’t know but we have a feeling that she won’t stay single for long.

Social media’s reactions

@Laurie Peterson Amick:

I could make any relationship work with a billionaire.

@Melanie McVicar:

Good, she needs to be with someone who will make beautiful music with her.

@Amanda Mitchell-McGuire:

She should stop dating and/or marrying. It just isn't for her

@Sky Jackson:

She dosnt seem to have any luck with relationships

We hope that 2020 would bring a new and stable relationship to both Lavigne and Saforim. The punk star managed to keep a friendly relationship with most of her exes so we can suggest that her and Philip’s split was amicable as well.

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