‘The Girls Rocked the Stage:’ Loretta Lynn Is Still Alive As She Appeared On A Night Out At CMA Award

November 18, 2019 11:51

In 2017, country legend Loretta Lynn faced the scariest thing in her life. The songstress suffered a stroke that landed her in a hospital. She posponed her public appearances to focus on her health which made many fans wonder whether Loretta Lynn is still alive.

But, luckily, Loretta is feeling much better. The star, who broke the barriers and helped pave the way for female singers in the country music world, was spotted on a rare night out looking as glamorous as ever!

Loretta Lynn in 2019

Loretta Lynn made an unexpected appearance at the 2019 Country Music Association Awards. The event was taking place in Nashville – the home of country music.

After the show, the 87-year-old music legend gave an interview where she gashed about the female singers who appeared on the stage.

She said:

I just loved sitting front and center at the CMAs. I was so proud of all of the artists. I know what it’s like to sit there hoping they call your name out for an award.

Lynn also admitted she was very ‘proud’ of Garth Brooks whom she loves ‘so much.’ The singer received the Entertainer of the Year award, which is the show’s highest honor.

Loretta alked about the CMAs’ new hosts, too. The 53rd annual ceremony was hosted by a gorgeous female trio: Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire.

Lynn noted:

I thought all the girls rocked the stage last night in their salute to women in country music. I saw so many friends and was practically up all night! I had a blast.

People’s reactions

@Margarete Cope-Beiser:

Seeing Loretta absolutely made my night!!!

@Nancy Cabler:

Always Beautiful Loretta!!! Such a inspiration to everyone! So glad you enjoyed yourself!

@Betty Hutchison Souders:

You looked beautiful as always and your smile says it all. Love you Loretta!

@Audrey Hatem:

So good to see you last night. You always impress me with your beautiful dresses

It was evident that the show was dominated by women this year. Despite that the male artist won the most-wanted award, many female singers snatched other prizes. In many ways, it was a night to remember!