Marie Kondo's Store Sells All The Stuff She Urged Us To Throw Out With Her Declutter Method

November 20, 2019 16:45

Most people might know Marie Kondo as a bestselling author. Her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has revolutionized our apartments and brought order to our lives.

What is Marie Kondo’s method? It’s a minimalism-inspired approach that tackles organizing your things category-by-category instead of room-by-room.

Marie Kondo’s way to declutter people’s homes helped her to create an empire that celebrates minimalism and asks us whether the stuff we own ‘bring us joy.’ However, Kondo’s new shop has sparked a lot of criticism.

Marie Kondo’s store

The organizing guru Marie Kondo has opened a new store that sells things that spark joy in her life, as well as put money in her pocket.

It seems that now as we cleaned our homes using her method, Kondo wants us to fill them with the things from her store. The woman who told us to ‘dump stuff we don’t need’ says we should get them again but from her online shop.

The things that the website sells ‘spark joy’ in Marie’s life and are aimed at enhancing ours. The question is whether a $96 gold ladle or $275 brass tool holder is something that we need to feel happy.

Twitter users feel the irony

On the one hand, we understand that Kondo is a businesswoman and she wants to continue thriving by creating new projects, like her online shop. But on the other hand, isn’t selling stuff that we don’t need counteracts with her minimalist philosophy?