CBS Sunday Morning Anchor Jane Pauley Talks On Battling Bipolar Disorder And Unusual Doctor's Offer

October 24, 2019

Jane Pauley is best known for her 13-year work on NBC’s The Today Show and 11 years on the network’s news magazine, Dateline NBC. Although she might look as a happy woman who built a successful career, she, in fact, encountered many difficulties in her life.

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Jane Pauley bipolar disorder

The TV news personality revealed how treatment with steroids and antidepressants unmasked her bipolar disorder and change her life.

“When I was 49 I was not bipolar. When I was 50 I was,”

- the CBS Sunday Morning anchor, now 68, explained on CBS This Morning.

Pauley intimated that her doctor realized she had the disorder after she was given steroids to treat a case of hives.

“It unmasked what doctors described as a genetic vulnerability to a mood disorder, and by that time I was in pretty deep trouble,”

- Jane said on CBS This Morning.

In the spring of 2001, Pauley spent three weeks in a New York psychiatric hospital where she "mourned 'Janie,'" the person she had thought she was.

Moreover, the woman told that her doctor offered her to cover stories so she didn’t have to tell people she is bipolar.

“The only time in my life, and we’re closing in on 20 years, that I experienced stigma was that day, day one, when I realized that my doctor was giving me a cover story to tell employers that I was being treated for a thyroid disorder. Which was true, but it wasn’t the whole truth,”

- she said.

Jane Pauley's mental health today

Bipolar disorder is a serious psychiatric disease, once known as manic-depressive disorder. It greatly increases a person's risk of suicide. The illness may begin with either a depression or a manic episode. This may be followed years later by another episode, either of depression or of mania. Left untreated, the interval between these mood swings gets shorter and shorter.

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Luckily, now the woman feels much better and healthier. Lithium -- to which Pauley is reported to be responding -- is the initial treatment for bipolar disorder. If patients can tolerate the drug, it can exert a powerful mood-stabilizing effect. It works for up to half of all patients with bipolar disorder.

Because the disorder has been discovered at her 50's some people think that "the hormonal changes of menopause can be a trigger". Others agreeing added:

"It could be menopausal symptoms also"

"This things are real"

All in all, we do hope Jane Pauley will get better as soon as possible and overcome the disorder. The important thing is for people with bipolar disorder to get diagnosed and treated and it seems that she is on the right path. Keep yourself and your family safe!

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