Donald Trump Claimed That Ivanka Has Personally Created 14 Million Jobs During Her Time In Washington But Fans Don't Agree With Him

November 13, 2019 17:56

The high unemployment rate in the United States has been of major concern to politics and citizens alike, who feel that the gradual increase in recent months is a point of concern. But according to President Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka Trump has personally created 14 million jobs during her short stint in Washington.

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The latest statistics by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show than in October 2019, the rate of unemployment increased to 3.6%, a 0.1% rise from the previous month. This means that in October alone, the number of people that were unemployed increased by a worrying 86,000.

However, the President of the United States seems to be reading from a script that no one else has access to.

Trump says daughter Ivanka Trump has created 14 million jobs!

During his speech at the Economic Club of New York, President Trump took the opportunity to address unemployment, singling out his daughter as a prominent job creator.

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In his usual boisterous fashion, the President claimed that Ivanka has created 14 million jobs on a personal level.

When she started this two and a half years ago her goal was 500,000 jobs. She’s now created 14 million jobs… It’s a great thing.

The claim comes at a time when statistics show that the total U.S. unemployment has grown by approximately 6 million in the last 3 years and arguably, it took many by surprise.

People didn’t believe the President’s words

When people heard of the President’s bold claims, they rushed to question the validity of his statements, with many expressing skepticisms at the facts.

According to analysts, President Trump’s job count in 2018 was lower than Obama’s 2014-2016 results, data that suggests his claims might be profoundly biased.

What do you think of President Trump’s bold claims? Are his words fake news?

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