Oscar Winning Producer And Auschwitz Survivor, Branko Lustig, Passes Away At 87

November 15, 2019 13:35

On Thursday, the world lost Croatian film producer Branko Lustig, a man who has seen both sides of history; war and peace. Confirming his death, the Festival of Tolerance told Associated Press that Lustig died in Croatia at 87.

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Branko is one of the few people that survived the infamous Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps, where he lost many loved ones, including his father and grandmother. As fate would have it, Branko survived and many years later, he became a producer to tell stories of survival and hope.

One of Branko Lustig’s most famous films is Schindler’s List, a film based on a true WWII story. In 2014, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lustig said that when Steven Spielberg kissed his camp number on his arm, he gave him an opportunity to fulfill his obligation.

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Rightfully, Branko delivered on his promise to produce and won his first Oscar award for the film. Over time, Branko went on to produce the epic Gladiator film, which won him his second Oscar, The Peacemaker, Hannibal, and Black Hawk Down.

Upon learning of his passing, Russel Crowe, a star on Gladiator shared a moving tribute, remembering his achievements and what he has survived.

Branko returned to Croatia 10 years ago, and according to the Festival of Tolerance, where he was the president, he “came back to die.”

When they received news of his passing, Branko’s fans were also not left behind in celebrating him and wishing him final peace.

In his lifetime, Branko Lustig saw the worst and the best of people and in telling important stories, he reminded the world why peace is important. While he is gone, he leaves a great legacy of sacrifice and personal achievements that will never be rivaled.

God bless you Ludwig Branko. Rest in peace.

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