Chester Bennington's Widow Defends Herself Amid Reports That She Remarried On Hers And Chester's Anniversary

January 8, 2020

Chester Bennington's widow, Talinda, is facing some backlash after it was reported that she remarried her new husband on the date of her wedding anniversary with her late husband. She isn't taking the criticisms lying down, though.

Talinda remarries

Chester Bennington's 2017 death came as a shock to his fans all over the world. The Linkin Park singer passed away from an apparent suicide in 2017 leaving behind his heartbroken wife, Talinda and their children.

TMZ reported that Talinda has since moved on. The publication claimed that she tied the knot with firefighter Michael Fredman on New Year's Eve which happened to be the same date as her wedding anniversary. It was reported that Talinda and Chester had their wedding on New Year's Eve in 2005.

Internet users and fans of the late singer didn't take kindly to these reports. They slammed Talinda and implied that it was distasteful of her to get married to another man on her wedding anniversary to her late husband.

It's apparent that people were quite upset about how it all went down.

Talinda speaks out

Chester's widow has since spoken out about the reports and cleared things up regarding her wedding to Michael.

In an Instagram post, she confirmed her marriage to Michael but clarified that she didn't marry him on hers and Chester's anniversary.

ON JANUARY 4th, I wed a wonderful man, great friend, and son this weekend.

She further declared that the previous reports about her wedding date were untrue.

I would never paint over that beautiful day with anything else.

Talinda called out the publications that shared what she claimed were false reports and confessed that it made her and her husband very upset.

Finding love again amid her tragedy

Talinda Bennington has said a few things about her love for the late Chester and what it has been like to move on.

  • While announcing her engagement to Michael in 2019, she revealed that she would always "honor Chester."
  • In the same post, she further added, "I will always love my husband."
  • In November 2017, she confessed her feelings for her late husband, saying she missed him terribly "behind all the smiles & cameras."

Amid these words though, she expressed the belief that it's possible to find happiness and love in the middle of a tragedy.

Talinda Bennington has drawn a lot of attention since Chester passed away. One can see why people are curious about how she's moving on and her recent nuptials sure got many people talking. It was pretty brave of her to defend herself following those reports, though. It must have been painful to be victimized by something that isn't true.

Regardless of the speculations and criticisms, Talinda is obviously very happy with her new husband and her true fans wish her the very best.

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