Lori Loughlin's Daughter Olivia Jade Addresses The Public For The First Time, Speaking On College Admissions Scandal

December 3, 2019

Lori Loughlin's daughter, Olivia Jade, was right in the middle of the college admissions scandal which rocked the entertainment industry recently.

Lori and her husband Mossimo Giannulli got on the wrong side of the law after they were accused of paying $500,000 to get their daughters Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose into the University of Southern California through faked results.

According to Time, Lori and Mossimo pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against them. Meanwhile, the couple's daughters have kept mum on the topic, however, it was reported that they no longer attend USC.

Lori Loughlin's daughter, Olivia Jade, speaks out

On December 1, Olivia Jade posted a YouTube video where she spoke for the first time about the ongoing scandal.

In the video, she addressed the matter of the charges being faced by her parents but mentioned that she was legally not allowed to give any details publicly.

However, Olivia expressed that she was hesitant to return to YouTube as she worried about the reaction she was going to get from people, saying:

I'm terrified to make this video.

She added that she genuinely loved filming and missed being unable to do so for the past nine months.

She further added that she was ready to move on with her life, implying that there will be subsequent videos posted on her channel.

Returning to school

Lori Loughlin's scandal regarding college admissions meant that Olivia and her sister were no longer students of USC.

A source told USWeekly that Olivia Jade had been begging the college to let her back in but it's unlikely that this will happen anytime soon.

She wants to come out looking like she’s changed, learned life lessons and is growing as a person, so she for sure wants people to think she is interested in her education.

The college admissions scandal implicated a lot of people and affected the education of this young lady. But her message to the world, based on her video, is that she's ready to get back to doing what she loves and will not be revealing too many details about her parents' charges.