Forever Young & Handsome: Happy 65th Birthday To A Great Actor And The Father-Of-Seven, Kevin Costner!

January 14, 2020 15:47

How old is Kevin Costner? The forever young and handsome actor has reached a significant milestone in his life — he turned 65 years old on January 18.

The Hollywood heartthrob has been making high-profile movies throughout more than three decades, and he still has the same talent, charm, and power to attract millions of people across the globe. So yeah, Kevin Costner is still in the game!

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What we love most about Kevin Costner

As the A-lister is now 65 years old, it would be nice to list some of the amazing facts about his long and thriving life.

  • Apart from his acting career, Kevin loves poetry and singing, and he even sang in the First Baptist Choir as a child.
  • Though he's one of the favorite Hollywood actors, he actually got BA in finance and marketing.
  • With his wife's encouragement, Costner formed a rock band named Kevin Costner & Modern West.
  • He is fond of sports, and he even was a partial owner of Illinois-based Lake County Fielders independent baseball team, Zion.
  • Kevin frequently competes in a celebrity golf tournament.

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Kevin Costner's children

But what's the most significant accomplishment in the actor's life is his children. Since Kevin Costner has had a lot of relationships, he's now the father-of-seven.

  • Cindy Silva: three children, Anne "Annie" Clayton, Lily. and Joseph "Joe."
  • Bridget Rooney: one son, Liam.
  • Christine Baumgartner: three kids, Cayden, Hayes, and Grace.

In 2015, Kevin Costner was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award, and during the acceptance speech, he proudly admitted that "my children have always been bigger than the movies." How adorable!

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Indeed, Kevin Costner is one of the most prominent people. Despite his various relationships, he's united with all of his seven children. Because of them, he can do what he loves, as their support, appreciation, and love mean everything to him. Happy 65th birthday, one of our favorite actors on the planet!

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