“You’re One Lonely Woman:” People Roast Melania’s Christmas Video For Not Including Son Barron In It

December 4, 2019 16:52

What is Barron Trump up to in 2019? No one knows! Donald and Melania Trump’s son is a mystery to many as the young boy very rarely appears in public.

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Because he is almost never seen with his parents, some people even started speculating that he is not the President’s biological child.

The whole situation got even weirder when Donald Trump appeared to have forgotten he has a son with Melania during a recent press conference about vaping.

And now Melania added fuel to the fire when posting a new Christmas video that lacked the most important thing the winter holiday is about – family.

Give us Barron Trump, now!

The First Lady posted a new Christmas video on her FLOTUS page. In the video recording, she is seen walking around the White House and adding the final decorating touches.

However, social media users noticed that neither Melania Trump’s son Barron nor her husband were there. Many people thought it’s strange that she didn’t invite her one and only child to be a part of it.

Barron Trump is a young man today but surely he would have enjoyed helping his mom to decorate the house, wouldn’t he?

The First Lady is usually very guarded when it comes to her son but last year she opened up about him a little bit, saying that he is not interested in social media yet. Instead, he loves sports. Not only that, Barron is also fluent in 2 languages: English and Slovenian.

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Despite that Melania rarely talks about Barron, when she does do it, her face lights up with pride. It’s evident that she loves her son very much and she just wants to protect him from unnecessary public attention

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