‘Boy Meets World’ Star Ethan Suplee Before Vs After His Drastic Weight Loss: How The Actor Could Transform His Body

January 17, 2020

Boy Meets World actor Ethan Suplee is unrecognizable on his before vs after photos after losing “close to 1000 lbs.” Where did he get motivation for such a drastic transformation? Let’s found out.

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Ethan Suplee before his weight loss

  • Fans got used to seeing Ethan Suplee in a ‘very good’ weight. The actor suffered from excess weight from his early years.

  • Nevertheless, Ethan’s physical shape didn’t stop him from following his dream and becoming an actor. Suplee is best-known for his roles in the films Boy Meets World, My Name Is Earl, and many others.
  • If you look at Ethan’s throwback photos, you will hardly recognize the actor before his incredible weight loss.

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How did Ethan Suplee lose weight?

Like most people with excess weight, Ethan Suplee used to have the same ‘sins’, including overeating, night snacking, and lack of physical exercises.

Ethan faced many troubles in his everyday life due to his weight.

The actor got candid in the recent podcast:

I definitely had a lot of trouble, you know, like flying... I’d always buy two seats.

Suplee explained:

Health wasn’t something I ever thought about.

At some breaking point, the actor decided that it should stop! In the last few years, Ethan underwent a stunning transformation. He transformed his body and became almost unrecognizable by fans and friends who got used to seeing him ‘curvy’. Healthy way of life did its job!

The actor said:

I've gained and lost probably close to 1,000 pounds at this point.

Ethan Suplee’s weight loss: previous experience

Previously, Ethan also underwent incredible body transformation. In 2011, the star lost around 200lbs.

Healthy eating and physical exercises helped Suplee to succeed in his weight loss. Ethan also tried liquid diet, but it didn’t give very good results. The actor shared a secret to his stunning change. Ethan said:

I ride road bikes.

Ethan Suplee’s example deserves the highest admiration. The actor proved that nothing can stop you from changing your life for the better if you have the right motivation. Of course, friends and family’s support mean a lot too. We wish Ethan to stay in this perfect shape which he currently has. But the most important, we wish the star to enjoy his life to the fullest and leave his weight issues in the past.

And what do you think about Ethan Suplee’s incredible weight loss?

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