Duane Chapman Reportedly Has A New Girlfriend 6 Months After Beth’s Death But His Daughter Doesn't Approve

January 8, 2020

Duane Chapman is in the center of public attention again months after losing his wife Beth due to cancer. According to reports, Duane is dating again, and his daughter Lyssa doesn’t approve of this.

Duane Chapman’s wife’s cancer journey:

  • Beth Chapman was a star of the popular TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter where she co-starred with her husband Duane.
  • In 2017, Beth was first diagnosed with throat cancer.
  • After a series of chemotherapy sessions, Beth had a remission, but later the disease spread to her lungs.
  • Two years later, Beth’s throat cancer returned. She died in summer 2019.
  • Following Beth’s demise, her daughter Bonnie said that her dad Duane “would never remarry again” because no one could replace Beth in his heart.

Is Duane Chapman dating again?

A few months ago, there’ve been rumors that Duane Chapman was dating again after he was spotted in a company of a mystery woman. At that time, Duane denied all the rumors claiming that he just had dinner with a family friend. But here comes another twist!

After Duane shared a photo with his friend Moon Angell on Instagram, his daughter Lyssa reacted with three vomiting emojis in the comments. However, later her comment was removed.

Earlier, Lyssa made it loud and clear that she disapproved of her father’s relationship with another woman months after Beth’s passing. In her tweet, Lyssa even called Moon Angell “a disgusting woman” who moved in to Duane’s place soon after he lost his beloved wife.

Beth’s final wish

In her final moments, Beth Chapman asked Duane to keep living after her passing. In his turn, Duane promised he would be dating someday, but he would never marry again.

Duane added that he still feels Beth’s presence while filming their show. He said:

Even though she is not physically there, mentally and spiritually she is there.

Duane and Beth Chapman had a wonderful love story. We can only imagine Duane’s feelings after he lost his soulmate. But life continues, right?! There is nothing criminal if Duane is dating another woman. Maybe after a while, his children will understand it too. Anyway, they all deserve to be happy after everything they had to go through.