America’s Oldest Living President Jimmy Carter Hospitalized With Bleeding On The Brain

November 12, 2019

Jimmy Carter's health is tumbling as his almost-century-old body is giving up. In 2019 alone, he lost control and fell 3 times, getting severely injured. Even after recovery, he is suffering from drastic complications.

Earlier in summer, the oldest living U.S President collapsed on the ground. He received a hip surgery following the dreadful incident. Then, in October, the same happened twice. For first damage, he got 14 stitches on the head and for the second, he underwent surgery in the pelvic region.

Mr. Carter remained high in spirits through adversity. He didn't miss volunteering for Habitat for Humanity despite having a black eye and bandage.

His health took another blow

Jimmy's representatives released a statement on Twitter to aware us of his current condition.

His recent falls have resulted in internal trauma. America's 39th President was admitted to Emory University Hospital on November 11 for a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain which was caused by bleeding.

He was scheduled to receive surgical treatment the next morning. The update concluded on a satisfactory remark. It's informed that Mr. Carter is "resting comfortably, and his wife, Rosalynn, is with him".

People wish him well but, also considered the inevitable

@Paula Passafiume:

Such a good man. This might be it for him. He's had too many falls.

@Pam Nelson:

He is a light in this world that we don't want to lose. Prayers for his recovery.

@Sheila Coats:

A very decent gentleman. I always felt sorry for how he was treated during the Iran hostage crisis at the embassy. Mr. President we are praying for you!🙏

@Andi Shomer Miller:

I knew it wasn't good that he was falling so much.He is a wonderful man .My prayers are with him and his family.

Get well soon, you strong man. As your fans suggest, the world still needs your light, your morals, and your kindness. Share this and pray for Carter to heal.

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