Hillary Clinton Wants To Hug Meghan Markle As A Mother Figure Amid Racist & Sexist Treatment Towards The Duchess

November 12, 2019 15:04

Hillary Clinton's views on Meghan Markle is a punch in the gut of negativity. The two ladies are all about women empowerment and social work. So, one supporting the other shouldn't come as a surprise!

Last month, The Book Of Gutsy Women: Favourite Stories Of Courage And Resilience was released. The politician penned it in collaboration with her daughter, Chelsea. While outlining it to The Times, Hillary found her volume fitting Meghan Markle's image. She even revealed that she is a huge "fan" of the Duchess.

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Meg's got a patron in America

The former US secretary of state sat with Emma Barnett of BBC Radio 5 Live. While promoting her memoir, she diverted to the subject of Meghan Markle and how she's been vilified by mainstream media for the last 3 years. Hillary condemns the elements of racism and sexism that are being so freely published against the Duchess.

Mrs. Clinton then said:

I feel as a mother I just want to put my arms around her. Oh my God, I want to hug her!

She further reasoned that Prince Harry's wife could employ techniques to curb criticism. But, she also mentioned it will take time and practice. What Meghan is going through is a lot for a new wife, Royal, and mother. She certainly deserves better. Hillary had a tone of pride when she stated:

She [Meghan] has made her own way in the world.

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People are applauding Hillary

@The Grey Knight:

Well said Hillary who I think speaks for all of us here. Indeed we all stand shoulder to shoulder with Princess Meghan no matter what.


I'm glad Hillary Clinton has publicly supported her because Meghan has been overtly and unfairly savaged by people who spend their lives anonymously behind their keyboards and know nothing about her. The press hasn't helped by framing stories about Meghan in a way which invites this malicious behaviour. Meghan however, has managed herself with grace and dignity. She should be proud of herself.


Never thought I would agree with Hillary Clinton, but I do on this!


I can not stand Hillary Clinton but there is so much truth in her words and I really respect her as a woman and mother after these statements about Megan.


Meghan is so amazing. She should be the next Queen of the UK. I can just imagine her with a super team of women helping her to rule the country. Hillary Clinton, Amal Clooney, and Serena Williams would all be on it.


This makes me love Hillary more than ever. Haters gonna hate because they're jealous. Envy is a quality the devil loves ya'll.

Being helpful, compassionate and kind never gets old. One lady can teach society how to respect her by doing the same for another woman. Share this and stand with Meghan Markle.

Hillary Clinton