"They're Tender Lovers": Donald & Melania Trump Not Estranged But Playful With Each Other, An Insider Claims

November 6, 2019 16:48

Donald & Melania Trump has always been under media scrutiny for having a detached relationship. The two seem to have no common ground. When their paths crossed, one was a brash real-estate mogul and the other, a European model.

But a close source has revealed, they could be more than what meets the eye.

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Mr. Trump was 52 and Ms. Knauss was 28 when they happened to attend a party at the Kit Kat Club in Times Square. Despite having a date, the tycoon didn't hesitate to approach the Slovenian beauty.

Fast forward 14 years, they have a son named Barron together. The couple has achieved American greatness as Donald heads the United States. That's his 3rd marriage which makes his connection to Melania rather materialistic.

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How they're like in real life?

The pair seldom show affection in public. That doesn't mean they have fallen out of love. Doug Wead who's been interviewing the Trumps for two years is here to prove above theories wrong. He explained that the reported stories are far from reality.

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Wead disclosed that Mr. Trump is very fond of his wife like any other husband. He includes her in his conversations and pokes fun at her. The author claims:

No, Melania and Donald were not estranged, they were tender lovers, who playfully teased each other. On almost any subject -- North Korea, China, Mueller -- the president brought up her name.

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People are taking his word for it

Social media users realize how tense the Presidential couple is due to their massive responsibilities. They are even favoring the pair for the 2020 elections.

@Jackie White:

I have heard others who know the Trumps who have a very good impression of him. Just because the Donald and Melania are not affectionate in public doesn't mean they dislike each other. After many years of marriage that is more than likely how couples are. Ivanka said many years ago they get along very well.

@Jennifer Webb:

I pray her words are true, that the Trump Family is vindicated and validated. Trump 2020.

@Sara K Hill:

Great Read: Publicly, the whole family talks about what a privilege it is to serve the country, but privately they have no illusions about the horror they are going through. The president sometimes eases the tension by teasing the first lady, saying, sarcastically, with puffed up importance, “Melania, honey, look at this incredible journey I have brought you on.”.....“It’s like a joke between them,” Lara Trump told me. “Everyone is attacking all of us and she’s smeared for no reason other than pure jealousy and he says, ‘Hon, isn’t this amazing?’.....“And she’s like, ‘Oh yeah, thank you so much.’ “It’s hilarious. I love it.”

@Rose Marie Hoffer Gruidl:

Good people.

@Raetta Wall:

I feel so bad for them and hope they know we love and respect their family and are SO grateful that they stand strong and don't buckle.

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