Terry Glenn Jr. Dies On Thanksgiving Day, Shortly After Sharing How Much He Missed His NFL Footballer Dad, Who Passed Away 2 Years Ago

December 2, 2019 15:24

Terry Glenn Jr. was the son of American football player Terry Tyree Glenn who passed away on November 20, 2017.

The famous footballer was a wide receiver in the NFL and he played for such teams as the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys.

Terry Glenn Sr. passed away after a traffic accident in Irving, Texas. He left behind his fiancee, who was slightly injured from the crash as well, and seven children.

He was known as a successful footballer and family man. His death came as a shock to a lot of people including devoted fans.

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Terry Glenn Jr.'s death

One of those severely affected by Terry Glenn Sr.'s death was his son, Terry Glenn Jr. Unfortunately, it has been reported that the young lad passed away on Thanksgiving Day 2019.

According to Star-Telegram, young Terry was 22 when he died of a suspected accidental overdose. He was found by his family in his home.

In a Tweet he shared shortly before he passed away, Terry wrote about how much he missed his father especially "this time of the year."

His message showed that he still deeply longed for his father and it was clear he never got over that loss.

Condolence messages

Fans, supporters and loved ones have been sharing condolence messages to Terry's family and expressing their sadness over the young boy's death.

Many hearts were broken over the young man's unexpected passing and they discussed how devastating it was that Terry Jr. was still grieving his own dad when he died.

Losing a parent can be extremely hard on anyone. And Terry Glenn Jr. was apparently still struggling two years after his father passed. His death became a double tragedy for the family and we wish them the strength to get over such a sad loss.

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