"We're Like Old Broads:" Whoopi Goldberg Comments On Rumors Of Feud Among 'The View' Hosts But People Think The Show Is Fake

November 14, 2019 10:09

The View feud rumors seem to be going nowhere. It makes sense that people think the co-hosts of the show don't get along in real life.

The ladies have touched on many topics, some of which have led to heated conversations and all-out arguments which have caused people to suspect that the women probably don't get along in real life.

In 2018, for example, it was reported that after an intense on-air conversation, hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Jeanine Pirro kept on arguing backstage. Another scenario took place much recently as Whoopi Goldberg scolded co-host Meghan McCain for interrupting her.

These and many other dramatic moments on the show have had some wondering if these ladies even like each other off-the-air.

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Whoopi addresses the possible feud

While on Late Night With Seth Meyers recently, Whoopi Goldberg commented on the rumors about tension among the co-hosts of the popular TV show.

Everyone has what they need to do, and folks, when it’s women they say, ‘You know, they’re fighting.’ You know, if we were fighting, you’d actually know it.

The Sister Act star further added:

We’re like old broads. We’re like, ‘Pow!’ We’re not like, ‘Stop it, you’re so mean to me.’ We don’t do that.

In general, her response was that she and her fellow hosts weren't truly fighting when the cameras stop rolling as there "would be issues" if this were the case.

A fake show

Whoopi's explanation was obviously her way of assuring fans that there's no bad blood between herself and the other hosts on the show. However, it had people considering the possibility that all the drama on air was faked just to get viewers' attention.

The women on The View have delved into a lot of issues, many of which have been controversial. In fact, these back and forths between the ladies are what many people look forward to so it's nice to know that they are professionals who ensure their arguments don't translate to real-life feuds.

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