"I Got Back At Her For Being Rude." Brigitte Nielson Confesses She Had A One-Night Stand With Madonna's Husband Sean Penn Out Of Revenge

November 14, 2019 10:05

Sean Penn and Madonna were the ultimate celebrity couple once upon a time but their union wasn't built to last. The pair, who got married in 1985, ended up divorcing four years later.

While there wasn't an actual confirmation of what led to their divorce, there have been some inklings based on revelations made by the singer and those closest to her.

For example, the pop star once told People before they got married that she and Sean had similar temperaments which "doesn't always make for ideal relationships."

There were also reports that he was a ladies' man, even while he was married. This is one speculation that an actress sort of confirmed recently.

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Brigitte Nielson's affair with Sean Penn

While she was a guest during a recent episode of The Talk, Danish actress Brigitte Nielson opened up about how far she went to get payback when Madonna offended her.

The 56-year-old star was commenting on the singer's late appearance to a New York concert during which concert-goers were quite upset as they had to wait for two hours because "a queen is never late."

Brigitte found the whole thing "ridiculous" and went on to share how, in 1987, she was hanging out at a club when Madonna kept stepping on her feet.

She was very rude and I ended up giving her a slap across the face.

In the end, Brigitte was kicked out of the club by bouncers but she wasn't done getting revenge against the singer.

A couple of months later in the south of France, I got back at her for being rude, having a one-night stand with Sean Penn.

To prove that she had no regrets, Brigitte flashed the audience a thumbs up and shrugged saying:

It was in '87, that was a long time ago.


Some people felt Brigitte's revelations were in bad taste and they shared their comments online.

The actress sure didn't mind making such an explosive confession on air. Sure, it must have made for a good enough story to share but was it really the best idea to proudly talk about such a controversial action?

Netizens seemed to think Brigitte was in the wrong here. Do you agree?

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