Presidential Payback: Donald Trump Slams "Lazy" Barack Obama During A Rally And Celebrated As Crowd Booed The Former POTUS

November 5, 2019 10:58

President Donald Trump had an unpleasant experience recently when he was booed by the crowd at Game 5 of the World Series.

One body language expert claimed that the POTUS felt emotional pain and regret due to the actions of the crowd at this event. And now, it seems like he would rather someone else go through the same thing.

A boo for Obama

Trump recently held a rally in support of Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves on Friday in Mississippi.

At the event, he started by taking a swipe at the 'fake news media' and also pocking fun at Hillary Clinton. Then eventually, he got talking about former President, Barack Obama.

Referring to him by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama, Trump accused the former POTUS of being "lazy" and said that the only time he ever saw Obama get some work done was when he was trying to beat him (Trump).

President Trump then reveled when the crowd at the rally began to boo Obama.

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He celebrated his effort at being able to create the successful show The Apprentice and somehow managing to become president despite having no political experience.


President Donald Trump sure had plenty to say at the rally. But the part people found hard to understand was when he claimed Obama worked hard at trying to beat him.

As people know, Obama stepped down as President after his two terms were completed before Trump won his elections. The two men never ran against each other and some social media users felt that this needed to be pointed out.

Perhaps, Trump was referring to a different scenario where Obama was a competition. As for the booing saga, it was pretty clear that the POTUS was glad to be surrounded by a crowd who celebrated him and booed someone else for a change,

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