'Hellboy' Ron Perlman Is Filing For Divorce From His Estranged Wife Of 38 Years After He Kissed A Young Girl

November 6, 2019 14:20

The Hellboy star Ron Perlman's family life was thriving until the moment he betrayed his wife. Ron and Opal said it was love at first sight, and the two managed to live together for nearly four decades.

What exactly went wrong?

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Rol Perlman's wife

Golden Globe winner is filing for divorce from his wife, Opal Perlman, after a 38-year marriage. According to TMZ, the couple was reported to be on the rocks after the actor was seen kissing a young actress, Allison Dunbar.

According to the divorce documents obtained by TMZ, the separation date was May 10, 2019. Besides, Ron says if there's spousal support to be paid, it will go to his estranged wife Opal.

Ron Perlman's family was small but nice. Together with his soon ex-wife, the Sons of Anarchy star has a son and a daughter, so the child support won't be an issue in the divorce process.

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The couple got married on Valentine's Day way back in 1981 and managed to keep their love steamy for more than 3 decades. Sadly, Ron broke the bond by having a fling with a much younger woman.

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What do you think about it? Isn't it sad when people divorce after decades of their marriage?