"She'd Get Too Confused:" Barbara Windsor Is No Longer Able To Attend Public Events As She Continues To Battle Alzheimer's

November 11, 2019 15:29

News of Barbara Windsor's Alzheimer's diagnosis came as a heartbreaking surprise to fans of the EastEnders star in 2014.

At the time it became public, it was revealed that she secretly battled the condition for 4 years before it became obvious to close friends and loved ones.

Her husband, Scott Mitchell, once revealed to The Sun that the condition had gotten so bad that the actress was starting to forget that they are married.

Scott said that he had to keep "reminding her" but that was just the nature of the condition.

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Barbara Windsor's health update

The actress' close friend Christopher Biggins has shared an update about the star, revealing that things have begun to get a little more challenging.

Speaking to The Mirror about the 82-year-old actress, Christopher said that Barbara will never be "100 percent" as a result of her condition.

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Christopher further revealed that the "terrible disease" meant that attending big events will no longer be an option for her.

She is still able to get out and about sometimes but I don't think she would be able to go to a big event any more. It would be too much for her. She'd get too confused.

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He added that Barbara, who's being taken care of by her 56-year-old husband, will not be able to grasp "what's going on" if she's in public which will only intensify her confusion.

Christopher, however, urged that the actress should be remembered for her impressive TV and film career.

A devoted husband

When Scott Mitchell, a former actor, married the famous TV actress, people worried that he was just with her for the money due to their 26-year age gap.

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Nevertheless, since their wedding in 2000, Scott has stayed by Barbara's side and even now as she battles such a heartbreaking illness, the husband continues to be devoted to her.

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We can't imagine that Barbara's health issues are easy on her family and loved ones, but it's clear that she can always count on their support when she needs to. Even though she struggles to do things now that she had no problems with before, her beloved fans will keep cheering her on.

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