"It Has Been Very Hard On My Family:" Donald Trump Reflects On "Impeachment Problem" Which Has Taken It's Toll On His Close People

November 18, 2019 13:20

The Donald Trump impeachment process is a controversial topic that has inspired mixed reactions from the public. But one has to wonder how the Trump family is dealing with issues like this.

President Trump is not usually the type to get too emotional with the public, but his son, Donald Trump Jr., gave an insight into some of the struggles the family has had to cope with.

In an excerpt from Trump Jr.'s newly released book Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us. obtained by The Hill, the president's son opened up about how much his family has sacrificed for his father to be president.

He wrote how they had to give up a "huge chunk" of their business and international deals so it wouldn't look like the Trumps were "profiting off the office."

Donald Trump on impeachment and family

According to NBC, President Trump opened up about how the impeachment process os affecting, not just him, but his family too.

I have one problem. And it has been very hard on my family.

While at a campaign rally in Louisiana, the POTUS went on to add:

Impeachment, to me, is a dirty word.

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Then, suggesting that the whole thing is difficult on his loved ones, he said:

It’s been very unfair, very hard on my family. Me, it’s my whole life, it’s crazy.

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Donald Trump quipped that people might think the situation is fun for him, but the opposite is the case. These revelations remained cryptic as he didn't open up on the direct impact the issue has on his family.

Mixed reactions trail Donald Trump's revelations

People, of course, had plenty to say in reaction to Trump's revelations. Some slammed the president even more as they believed he was being manipulative.

Others, however, showed support for the POTUS.


President Trump our family support everything you doing. We pray for you and your family. May God protect and give you strength through the Hellish trials.


Don't worry President Trump..... the hardworking, taxpaying, voting, patriotic citizens have your back.

Donald Trump doesn't usually make a habit of opening up about his feelings so this is obviously a rare occasion. A lot is going on in his life and by extension, they will impact his loved ones and even the United States. So, no one can blame him for getting a little emotional.

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