Famous Sisters Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Spotted On Double Date With Their 50-Year-Old And 30-Year-Old Partners

November 11, 2019 13:43

Pictures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2019 may not be popping up as often due to the private lives of the young ladies

The two world-famous child actresses have grown up to be influential designers and their lives today are drastically different from how it used to be.

Both ladies enjoy a sense of privacy these days and it's almost difficult to learn updates about them. In terms of their private lives, however, Mary-Kate has been married to Olivier Sarkozy since 2015 while her twin sister Ashley is dating artist Louis Eisner.

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Mary-Kate and Ashley on a double date

The 33-year-old sisters recently decided to spend quality time, not just with each other but with their partners too.

According to the UK DailyMail, Mary-Kate and Ashley opted to have a meal with their respective partners at Gemma restaurant at the Bowery Hotel in New York City.

The petite star enjoyed a bonding experience with Mary-Kate's 50-year-old husband and Ashley's 30-year-old boyfriend.

The foursome seemed to go with an all-black ensemble as the former Full House stars were seen in their signature black looks which included long coats.

While Mary-Kate has been settling into married life in the last few years, Ashley has been enjoying getting to know her artist beau Louis Eisner. The couple has reportedly been dating for two years and there are even rumors that Ashley and Louis are engaged.

Compliments for the foursome

The Olsen twins were major stars once upon a time. But despite opting for a lowkey lifestyle as adults, the world still hasn't forgotten about them. And this recent spotting had people applauding the lovely ladies.

@Jess approves of their life choices.

I really like them. They are private, don't have social media and do their own thing.. it's really hard to come across people like that nowadays.

@Hearts xoxo adores their style.

Always great style, like their coats shoes and their friends lace up platforms.

@Emanresu1 is impressed too.

I have never heard a bad thing said about them and they seem nice enough, no attention searching (which seems a rarity with most celebs).

@MissPilatesBody is a fan as well.

I find them incredibly fascinating. So few stars are actually private these days, everything is on display. It makes these two seem downright mysterious and enigmatic by comparison.

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These commenters make a good point in that Mary-Kate and Ashley do a fantastic job of minding their own business. They don't stir up drama or cause any issues. They seem to be happy living their lives, running their business and spending time with their loving partners.

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