"It's Pretty Obvious That President Trump Doesn't Love Him:" Comedy Duo Poke Fun At Don Trump Jr. By Changing His Book Cover

November 12, 2019 18:23

People are quite curious about Donald Trump Jr. news and this time around, the topic of discussion is his new book.

On November 5, Don Jr released his new book titled Triggered: How The Left Thrives On Hate And Wants To Silence Us.

According to PremiereCollectibles, Don Jr. hopes the book will reveal the activities which are being used to negatively portray the Donald Trump presidency. There is an interest in what he has to say so it makes sense that the book has been causing cause the stir since its release.

Donald Trump Jr. trolled

A group of comedians is trolling Trump Jr. by creating a fake jacket for his book at a New York City bookstore.

The fake new jacket looked very similar to Don's book except for the fact that the title was swapped to say, Daddy, Please Love Me: How Everything I Do Is Try To Earn My Father’s Love.

The comedians who refer to themselves as T.G.L (The Good Liars) have taken credit for this trolling move shortly after the presidents' son released his book.

According to The Hill, the group said they placed the book with the fake jacket at New York Barnes and Noble location. Pictures shared online also showed that the fake book jackets were placed in the Young Adult fiction area of the store.

Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler of The Good Liars made a comment about the Trump father/son relationship to the publication, saying that Don Jr. often attempts to imitate the president.

The group said they did the stunt to reach Don Jr. because they felt he desperately tried to earn his father's love.

It’s pretty obvious that President Trump doesn’t love him, and Junior’s attempts to get his father’s attention — dressing up as his father for halloween and marrying a Fox News personality that looks conspicuously like Melania — have been really hard to watch.


Social media users had different reactions to this stunt by The Good Liars. Some felt like it was an unfair attempt to make fun of the President's son.

Others, however, saw the hilarity in the situation.

When issues like this come up, it's understandable for people to have strong opinions. And of course, the Trump family has been on the receiving end of these types of controversy. So one can see why the jokesters thought this was a good way to express their disapproval of Don Jr's policies.

Do you find their comical effort hilarious?

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