Mr. & Mrs. Bing! 'Friends' Stars Courteney Cox And Matthew Perry Reunite In Rare Picture And Fans Can't Handle Their Excitement

November 8, 2019 16:01

The idea of a Friends reunion is one that lovers of the classic TV show continue to hope for. Of course, nothing of the kind has been confirmed but any glimpse of more than one 'friend' hanging out together is guaranteed to have fans in a buzz of excitement.

One of the casts of the show, Matthew Perry, has had a pretty tough life due to addiction problems. These days, he rarely makes public appearances so when he was spotted recently with a co-star, fans couldn't hold back their excitement.

Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox

Actress Courteney Cox posted a snap on Instagram of herself and Matthew Perry, who played her love interest in the sitcom. In the caption, she revealed that the two just had lunch.

She also paid homage to her character and Matthew's by writing the iconic catchphrases:

I KNOW!! Could I BE any happier?

There's no doubt that Matthew looks much healthier and sure, a tad bit older than his Friends days but he seems happier overall. It was nice for fans to see him out and about considering the tough road to recovery he had had to undergo in the last years.

As for Courteney Cox, the actress looked bright-eyed and stunning as usual. Her obvious smile is a testament to how glad she was to have run into an old friend.

Other Friends alums Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow joined the party by posting comments underneath the picture that showed their own excitement at the reunion too.

Jennifer wrote, "MATTY!! I LOVE YOU GUYS," and Lisa commented, "Lucky lucky."

Social media reactions

It sure was one of those "can't keep calm" moments as many fans of the show trooped to Courteney's Instagram to drop their comments.

@jenpretoriouss said, "this makes me so happy," while @ashleywhitecross commented, "if I could like this over and over, I would."

@emilybroxxy93 commented that Matthew has "aged," and @hadi.halawani exclaimed:

Mr and Mrs Bing looking hotter than ever.

@anshit.vishwakarma added:

Chandler finally learned how to smile in front of the camera.

@senocak.hilal wrote:

I love them so much that it hurts my heart.

Fans of the sitcom have been holding on to the possibility of a reunion show, but it seems we just have to make do with these little cameo appearances by the stars. And we have to say, in the 15 years since the show ended, these guys are still looking good.

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