Time Out! Miley Cyrus Reportedly Takes A Break From Relationship With New Boyfriend Cody Simpson To Focus On Herself

November 20, 2019

Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus sparked dating rumors shortly after news that the singer split from girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter in September.

Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend

In just two weeks after she split from Kaitlynn, the Hannah Montana star reportedly moved on. This time, however, the controversial singer was seen kissing another celebrity, a man.

Back in October, the two were spotted together being very lovey-dovey in Los Angeles and since then began to date. But when they started dating Cody admitted that he wasn't sure if Miley is 'the one', according to Us Weekly. He went on to say it was too early to tell.

Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus

It looks like the whirlwind romance between Miley and Cody is over. According to information obtained by Radaronline, the 26-year-old's recent relationship is reported to have also ended.

The Wrecking Ball singer is reportedly taking some time to focus on herself after her divorce six months ago from actor Liam Hemsworth. A source speaking to the media publication said:

They are taking a break but want to remain friends. “She said she just needs to focus on herself. This romance with Cody and constant ‘look at me’ behavior is all designed to push Liam’s buttons.

The source went on:

To be fair it’s always worked in the past because he’s a good guy who ultimately loves her. But now he’s just rolling his eyes and washing his hands of her, even as a friend, which of course is driving Miley nuts.

Meanwhile, when she started dating Cody, Miley during a live Instagram video said she's 'only ever met one' good guy - and it's Cody. and's feeling. A source speaking to HollywoodLife.com said Miley feels liberated with him as he encourages her to be real.

Do you think there's still hope for Miley to reconcile with Liam Hemsworth? Or maybe she just needs time to evolve as an individual?

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