“I Say Thank You To God That We Have Melania”: Michelle Obama Gets Slammed After Saying That The World Feels Like Barack Is Their President

November 7, 2019 10:41

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama came under fire recently after saying that the world feels like her husband, Barack Obama is their president.

Michelle Obama & Barack Obama

Two years after leaving the White House, Barack and Michelle are described as one of the most beautiful American power couples. Even after two decades of marriage, the lovebirds still have great chemistry between them.

That is why it came as no surprise that the former White House occupants were on the YouGov's list of most admired man and woman in America. Looks like the Obamas have made a home in people's hearts!

Michelle Obama's criticism

Looks like former FLOTUS got carried away at the 3rd annual Obama Foundation summit held at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

During the event, Michelle discussed the new Obama Presidential Library that will be established in the South of Chicago.

While reflecting on the location, Mrs. Obama expressed her thoughts that people still lobby for her husband as their president regardless of ethnicity. The former first lady claimed said:

Barack's presidential library could have been anywhere in the world because there are so many people who feel like he is their president all over the world.

The remarks generated a lot of reactions on social media with many condemning her claim.

This is what social media users have to say

@ Wayne Dupree

Every time this woman opens her big mouth, I say a little "thank you" prayer to God that we have Melania.

Do you agree with Michelle's remarks or was really way out of line?

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