Lisa Armstrong & Ant McPartlin's $80M Divorce: Ant Forces Lisa To Sign NDA Threatening To Leave Her Penniless

November 15, 2019 17:55

After 11 years of marriage, Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong divorced in just 30 seconds. The divorce will be officially finalized in 6 weeks but it seems that the couple is in for a fight. Ant Mcpartlin’s wife feels bitter as she found out about her husband’s romance with his former PA in news.

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In a dramatic turn of events, Ant is pressuring Lisa to keep quiet about their marriage but she’s not willing to give him what he wants.

What kind of secrets is Ant trying to protect?

It seems that McPartlin and Armstrong’s divorce is turning into a public scandal, which is something the TV presenter is so desperately has been trying to avoid.

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According to The Sun, Ant is pressuring his estranged wife to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep his reputation from damage and hide the details of his marriage from the public.

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McPartlin reportedly is not agreeing to a financial settlement until Armstrong signs an NDA but she refuses to do so. A source told the publication:

She won’t sign an NDA. As far as she’s concerned, he is welcome to his money. It’s not about that for her. She’s appalled at the way she has been treated ever since they split up, by people she loved, trusted and called friends.

Social media’s reactions


The fact he's insisting she sign a NDA says it all really. I wonder what secrets she might spill?

@Angry reader:

Good for her. She is entitled to half and shouldnt have to sign an NDA. Tough luck if he doesnt want his secrets exposed.


This seems more about not wanting to let go of a relationship than the money. However, the law should not be used in this way regardless of who is at fault. You cannot force someone to love you. No amount of money will make you feel better.

@May Loo:

They were together for 20 years. That's a lot of years to spend with one person, and not something a normal person just 'gets over'. Easy to be on his side, but who can say they know what happened behind closed doors? Give her a decent settlement Dec. You already have a nice life with your new girlfriend.

If the couple won’t come to an agreement, they will end up in court and a judge will decide how to split their $80 million fortune. We wonder what Ant is trying to hide from us.