Melania Trump Publically Denounced For Not Putting Her Hand Over Her Heart For Playing Of Taps

November 12, 2019 17:26

According to apsbugler.com, all people who are not wearing uniforms should place their right hand over their heart when Taps is playing. A bulge call is usually played at military funerals or flag ceremonies by the US forces. However, Melania Trump made the news by breaking this important protocol rule.

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Did she forget about the protocol?

Donald Trump, joint by First Lady Melania and Vice President Mike Pence, attended the New York City Veterans Day Parade on Monday to honor war veterans.

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During the playing of Taps, the current US leader was seen putting his hand over his heart. Yet, his wife seemed to have forgotten that she supposed to do the same thing, too.

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Melania knows the protocol because she placed her hand over her heart when Taps was played in memory of 9/11 tragedy.

But why didn’t she do it at the New York City Veterans Day Parade? It's a mystery for us.

Social media criticized the First Lady for her mistake

Who knows what became the reason for Melania’s break of the Taps protocol. Nonetheless, it seems that some of the social media users are simply unable to let that blunder go. We hope she will remember to put her hand over her heart next time!

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