Brad Pitt Gets Emotional Hugging His Parents At The Airport After A 3 Day Visit, And Fans Wonder Why His Kids Never Get To See Their Grandparents After Divorce

November 6, 2019 12:10

Brad Pitt is a big movie star but whenever he hurts, there is one woman who always gives him comfort. That woman is his mom, Jane Pitt. Pitt’s parents have stood by his side through thick and thin but his mom’s dedication has been most admirable.

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When Brad Pitt went through the bitter and dramatic custody battle with Angelina Jolie, Jane Pitt proved her mettle, showing why she is a heavy-weight mom. According to a source that spoke to Radar Online, Brad’s mom blames Jolie for making it impossible for them to see their grandkids.

Jane is a tough cookie, and she will never forgive Angelina for what she’s put the family through… especially since they’ve barely seen the kids since the divorce was announced.

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Perhaps, Jane’s caring and protective attitude is the only reason Brad Pitt was able to overcome the stressful mess that the divorce and custody battles created for him.

Brad Pitt gives his parents tender hugs after his trip

This Halloween, Brad Pitt went back home to celebrate the festivities with his parents in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri.

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In the 3 days, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor spent quality time with his family and celebrated his brother Doug’s birthday.

Rather than choose to explore nearby restaurants, the actor relished his mom’s home-cooked meals, reminding himself that indeed, home is always best. After the short trip, Pitt’s parents saw him off to the airport, where they shared a lovely family moment.

Before Brad boarded the plane, they were seen giving each other big hugs that confirmed that his stay at home had been incredibly good for them.

People had mixed reactions to the beautiful family moment

Brad Pitt is used to public scrutiny and after the visit, people thought his trip was a sweet gesture while others wondered where his kids were.

Some people remarked that the short trip must have been incredible for both the parents and the Ad Astra actor.

I bet they're so happy to have him back again.

Glad to see what a supportive family Brad has. Hope he is able to see his children from time to time.

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But for others, the fact that Angelina Jolie has kept the kids from their grandparents was infuriating.

When do his kids get to see their grandparents? Why doesn't Angie let the kids see Brad's parents?

Must be hard for his parents not see their grandkids much !!! It's just not fair of Angelina !! She's a selfish women who's not thinking of anyone e else !!! Brads not a bad dad !!

While Brad Pitt was home visiting his parents, Angelina Jolie was in Europe with their kids. Do you think it’s fair that Brad Pitt’s parents don’t get to see their grandkids anymore?