New Discoveries: John Witherspoon Suffered From Coronary Artery Disease And High Blood Pressure Before Passing Away

November 13, 2019 17:51

John Witherspoon’s death on 29th October was met with great sadness all over the world as the beloved actor had touched many hearts through many film projects and TV shows. At only 77, we not only lost a great actor but also said goodbye to a legend that had worked his way from the bottom to become a success story.

On Tuesday, TMZ reported on the Friday star’s cause of death, revealing that he had died of “myocardial infarction,” a term that stands for coronary artery disease.

Coronary artery disease and obesity main causes of death

According to death certificates, the main cause of John Witherspoon’s passing was a heart attack, but other factors that played a part included coronary artery disease and obesity.

The report also showed that Witherspoon had suffered from hypertension or high blood pressure, another issue that may have contributed to his death. These revelations show that the actor, who had been in show business for 44 years was a tough man who battled these conditions bravely, despite succumbing to them eventually.

After he passed away, John Witherspoon was eulogized beautifully and everyone, including his family, sang praises of his great legacy.

Witherspoon is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, a famous cemetery. Other famous people that were laid to rest in the park include Michael Jackson, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds.

“Rest in peace funny man”

Even though he is gone, we are still here to celebrate John Witherspoon’s great legacy and achievements that challenged many to work hard to achieve greatness.

The causes of John Witherspoon's death pose a challenge to all of us, as they show that taking care of ourselves goes beyond prevention. Taking care of our bodies by eating healthy and keeping fit can help us avoid future pain and costly healthcare.

Rest in peace funny man, shine on.

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