“I Don’t Think We’re Treated Fairly”: Meghan McCain Says She’s Exhausted By "The View" Critics Who She Thinks Are Sexist

November 21, 2019 11:41

ABC’s talk show, The View, is considered one of the most provocative programs on TV as it gives women, among other guests, the opportunity to dissect critical topics and air their divergent views. But while The View promotes free speech by mixing intelligent debate with humor, the show and its hosts have faced fire with some considering them “too extra.”

The View’s hosts have come under criticism by viewers who feel that they often go overboard in their debates. Meghan McCain’s role on The View has been especially reviewed, as critics frequently out that she is “too loud and childish.”

To viewers, Meghan McCain’s “views” are undermined by her unquenchable need to "hear herself talk” over fellow hosts, denying them the chance to finish their statements. McCain’s constant interruptions have led some to think that it’s impossible for her to debate without getting too pushy.

Meghan McCain exhausted with "The View's" critics

Recently, Meghan McCain had a response for critics who think that she should not be on The View.

Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment, the Republican pundit asserted that hosts on the show are criticized because they are women.

I don’t think we’re treated fairly.

According to McCain, most critics that analyze the show are sexist as they treat them differently compared to men in similar positions. She pointed out that words such as “catfight,” “scream-fest” and “shrill” are unfairly used to describe their debates.

McCain clarified that they only have meaningful, hard, and intense conversations, and getting passionate about hot topics is only natural.

Her wish to critics was that they should give them a fair shot, as a show that deserves to be considered seriously.

I just wish people would give us all a break. Give Joy a break when she’s having a bad day. Give Whoopi a break when she’s having a bad day.

Whoopi Goldberg comments on “The View’s” fights

Fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg echoed McCain’s views with the affirmation that there is no animosity between the show’s hosts.

Giving her take on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Goldberg argued that people wrongfully assume they are “fighting,” just because they are women.

If we were fighting, you’d actually know it. Okay?... If we were truly fighting there would be issues.

Goldberg’s dismissive statements reveal that the show’s hosts are on the same page and contrary to the public’s views, their ferocity in debates ends after the shows. They take no animosity backstage.

Do you agree that critics judge The View’s hosts unfairly just because they are women? Are debates on the show insightful and balanced?